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You Are What You Eat

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any healthcare system. It is important to know what your nutritional status is - where you have deficiencies that need to be treated. Supplementing nutrition to compensate for the "fast food", and highly refined and over-processed foods so prevalent today is crucial - but it MUST be the correct, targeted supplementation for each individual.  Nutritional deficiencies have been implicated in virtually every disease~from autism and ADHD to women's health and everything in between, including autoimmune and neurological dysfunction.

Very few people are so deficient nutritionally that they need to supplement every nutrient, and often damage can inadvertently be done by over supplementing already adequate levels. Often, this over-supplementation causes more problems  by interfering with absorption, since ideally nutrients should be in the right proportions and the right form to maximize absorption and utilization. The scientific knowledge has changed very rapidly in a very short period of time, with many theories formerly thought ironclad being disproven~and many healthcare professionals are simply not aware of the latest information and research available to optimize patient health. Fusion Acupuncture & Holistic Healthcare takes great pride in the relationships it has established with various functional medical testing laboratories & cutting edge, science-based nutritional supplement companies. What was once science fiction is quickly becoming science fact!

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to determine where you and they stand in order to maximize your health and nutrition status. There are many reliable sources of information available which Fusion Acupuncture & Holistic Healthcare will gladly share with you in the "Links" section. We welcome and encourage active participation in improving your health in every way and every day.

Gluten Intolerance

Many people who suffer from gastro-intestinal diseases do so due to a gluten protein found in ALL grains. Since there is more than one gluten protein that can activate a gluten intolerance or gluten-sensitive allergic inflammatory reaction, the only TRUE gluten free foods are meats, fruits, some nuts, and vegetables. There are several testing methods to determine if an individual has gluten intolerence (a full on allergy) or a gluten sensitivity, which triggers an allergic response IF the quantity of gluten proteins is sufficient.